Cheap Stocking Stuffers

My daughter always goes for her stocking on Christmas morning before she opens her big gifts. I think that’s the traditional way to do it. It’s how we did it in my house when I was a kid, anyway.

I always wrap everything (the tiny stuff too) even though it’s a pain in a reindeer’s butt.

I did some research and found a handy list of stocking stuffers, all under $5 dollars, for all age groups, even adults. Why should the kids have all the fun?

Ho Ho Ho!



From Pinterest.


I would actually love a stress ball (and a mini bottle of liquor.)

Hey, I don’t get these merry pink cheeks naturally, you know.

Do you have any ideas for stocking stuffers that isn’t on this list? Let us know in the comments!

8 thoughts on “Cheap Stocking Stuffers

  1. Great list and very timely. I’m going to target this morning to look for some for the grown daughter and son. She would appreciate the mini liqueur and the stress ball. He’s a bit harder. I always got chocolates and oranges in my stocking, The fancy German Santa’s and pretty wrapped cookies. Scarves, warm hats, mittens, or a set of colored pencils will win over most everyone. Thanks for making my brain work. 🙂


      • Men NEVER grow up. I bought my son (age 49) a Spirograph kit for Christmas this year. My daughter gave him a trebuchet for his birthday. Men love toys their whole lives. I didn’t even know what a trebuchet was before that. Fill that stocking with toys and bring back the kid in all of us. 🙂


  2. Yes, liquor and stress balls please. They often have a stocking stuffer aisle in Wal-mart with cheap doo dads – even better is to wait until after Xmas when they are 75 percent off and you can get little make up sets and lip gloss and bath junk for 25 cents. I do this all the time, lol.

    And you have to let kids open the stockings while waiting for breakfast and adults to get ready or they will implode. And such a mess.


  3. My mom used to do big gifts bags for my sister and I when we got older and would stuff them with random little practical things like toothpaste, spatulas, small kitchen bits, our favorite candy, fuzzy socks, good shit like that.

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