Inexpensive Ways to Wrap Those Christmas Gifts

Thanksgiving is over with and Christmas will soon be here. Yes, I know! Don’t shoot the messenger!

Of course, with all that shopping you also need to wrap those Christmas gifts. So, I thought I would help you out and give you some cheap and easy but cute ways to save money on wrapping paper.

Unless you are one of those highly efficient people who actually have money left over after Christmas and buy your wrapping paper then. If you are…..these still might interest you. Then you can save that same money and spend it on a well deserved after Christmas present for yourself! Win, win.

I know there are also some of you who use gift bags (I’m guilty!) and that’s ok, too. But, for some of our more adventurous readers might want to skip the bags and go for a unique way of doing the presents this year.

Also, I needed something to write about and this is what I came up with. 😉


Brown mailing or craft paper……Get creative and use stampers, unique ribbon, stencils, twine, paint, or glitter to add some holiday flair. Or stickers, which make the paper look super festive.

Jars, Tins and Plates…..You can up cycle medium and large-sized glass jars, or buy some cheap mason jars to gift all sorts of items. Dollar store holiday plates and tins also make great gift packaging.


Potato chip bags……Yes, you read that right! Only Martha Stewart could come up with potato-chip bag gift wrap, which is not only clever and festive, but eco-friendly. Re-use a large, empty potato-chip bag by opening it up to reveal the shiny silver inside. After a good cleaning and drying, you now have some great foil wrapping paper, which is perfect around the holidays.

Tissue paper…… I use this quite often as it is cheap and it comes in so many pretty colors. Dollar stores carry a nice selection of this.


Fabric.…If you are a crafter or sewer, I bet you have leftover fabric from your projects. Use them to wrap your gifts! Or cut them into strips and use them for the ribbon. A perfect way to save money and make a present personal.

Newspaper…..Or even those pesky flyers you get in the mail all the time. They’re free and you can really make a present unique with those!


Maps…..You can easily find maps at flea markets or maybe you have some yourself you no longer want. Well, recycle those things!



Do you have any ideas for a cheap and easy, yet pretty way to wrap presents? Let us know! 




17 thoughts on “Inexpensive Ways to Wrap Those Christmas Gifts

  1. All great ideas! I’ve done all of these at one time or another. My favorite is the brown craft paper (or you can cut apart a brown paper grocery bag) and use yarn for tying around it to look pretty. I don’t like those plastic ribbons and bows at all, so twine and yarn, or colored pipe cleaners, fabric, all are good. 🙂


  2. I’ve done most of those things. Even making my own gift bags of fabric. Wrapped in fabric if the person receiving it sews. I bought lots of paper many years ago on sale after Christmas. I buy so few gifts now that I’m still using that paper and don’t think I’ve bought more than one roll in the last 4 years. My daughter does all our wrapping, we just keep her in supplies which are recycled from year to year. Gosh I’m cheap. We’ve hidden presents in the tubes from the wrapping paper and other odds and ends.


  3. I had to check and see who wrote this… because I knew there was no way Merby would forget my Mom’s favorite Christmas “wrapping” package… the tampon box! Of course, you kinda have to wrap the tampon box too for the full effect of the gag, which takes you right back to square one…


  4. I’m a gift bag girl, all the way, but the holiday bags are way too pricey. I get a bulk pack of either white or craft paper bags and then decorate them myself. And last year I scored a HUGE pack of white tissue at Costco that we are still using.


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