Generic Meds Do The Job

Whenever I can, I buy generic over-the-counter cold meds, muscle rubs, cough drops and stomach ache remedies. My local drugstore has their own brand. I’ve found absolutely no difference between name brand cough syrup and Drug Mart cough syrup other than the packaging.

I usually stock up on these items once every three months. That way, when my daughter tells me that she has a headache, I can point to the kitchen cupboard and go back to watching Netflix.

I bought some muscle rub for $4 dollars the other day, instead of paying $9 for the “real” stuff.


Non-greasy is an important feature.

It smells like Pepto, but it does an amazing job of helping with my muscle pain/twitching.

If you haven’t been using generic meds, give it a try at least once. You’ll save money, which is what we strive to do here on this blog.

Do you use generic drugs? Let us know in the comments!

18 thoughts on “Generic Meds Do The Job

  1. I always look for generic drugs. we have to pay a fortune for maaloxan (19.99 for 100), just for the brand. there is a product (i furgot the name ) where the same stuff is inside for slinky 7.80… same for cold medecine…


  2. My pharmacy always offers generics on all meds I take unless the dr prefers name brand. Luckily, I have good insurance and I use Walmart pharmacy so most of my prescriptions are low cost. My hormone is the most costly of all my meds, still lower than most though.


  3. I usually do buy the store brands of over-the-counter drugs. It’s the same stuff! My son insists that Afrin works better than store brands, so I usually end up buying him Afrin so I don’t have to listen to him complaining but I can’t help but roll my eyes when he says the generic stuff doesn’t work as well.


  4. One of my high school teachers (Maybe econ class) once told us that every aspirin in the world is made on the very same assembly line and sold under different name and generic brands. I doubt that’s really true, but most generics of anything are made by the same people who make the name brands…

    That said, as good as it tastes, I’m not sure I’d want to rub Pepto Bismol all over me…

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  5. OMG, yes!!! I take a Benadryl every night as part of my sleep meds and the generic hot pink tiny pill works just as well. I’ve also noticed no difference with the generic version of Immodium AD, Vaporub, Mucinex, cough syrup, Tylenol, or melatonin. They’re the same damn thing. I’m also really super thankful that my prescription meds are all generic because my insurance company will let me do mail order on those and they’re FREE. I don’t even pay shipping. Totally awesome.


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