Beware the Money Suckers


I recently sold some of my clutter at the flea market. I didn’t make much money, but it felt good to finally get rid of some of the useless items that I’ve accumulated over the years. The things that didn’t sell were given away to charity.

But wait, I hear you asking. This is a blog about being thrifty, not decluttering your home!

Give me a second to explain.

I realized that even though I am as thrifty as they come, I do have an issue with buying things that I don’t need or won’t ever use.

For example, I am always trying different dietary supplements. I bought 3 bottles of something at a website (buy two get one free!!) only to end up getting sick from it. I should have gotten a small bottle to try instead.

I sold the two never opened ones for a dollar each and I lost money.

We don’t even realize how much cash we spend on useless items, or as I like to call them, Money Suckers.

Take a look in your junk drawer to get an idea of what your “Money Suckers” may be.

Mine is full of things that I don’t even recognize, although most of it was purchased by my husband. (Don’t tell him I said that.)

I currently have 3 decks of playing cards, a set of stress relief balls, 10 keychains, 20 pens, a bunch of staples (no stapler) and enough paper clips to last two lifetimes.

Every little thing counts when you’re trying to save money.

Do you have any thoughts on this topic? Please let us know!


23 thoughts on “Beware the Money Suckers

  1. I hate this money suckers, how often I walked to the bargain bin and bought some of the trash there…mostly keychains. I don’t need 22 key chains, I don’t live in Versailles what has 100 doors :o) you’re right to get rid of this things and to avoid this bargain tables saves money, in my case 22x 0,25 cents :O)

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  2. I think there’s a difference between buying from commercial outlets and buying from little shops and REAL people. When I first came to England I worked in a big clothing store – the markup from what the clothes cost to what they sold them for made my eyes water! Easy 600 to 1000%. Since then, I wear second hand clothes – the charity clothing shops here in England, and especially here where I live in the North West, are absolutely fantastic! That way, the Money Suckers only get their money ONCE. And NOT from ME. Sod them. And my money goes where it can be used for other people.
    Little fairs and markets are good too. Mr Furlong does all our food shopping. He is unbelievable shrewd. Three for the price of one? Hardly ever! there’s usually a catch. We have BOGOF – “buy one, get one free” – very popular – untill you work out you could buy two for the price they want you to pay for one! Sometimes, right next to a BOGOF there is the same product for a quarter of the price! I think Mr Furlong gets great delight in stuffing the Money Suckers in the eye. I know I do. Being poor can make you quite happy sometimes!


    • Almost all of my clothes come from thrift shops or my aunt, who gives me a few tops now and then! i see no reason to spend tons of money on clothes!
      Good for Mr Furlong for stuffing the money suckers!! I once got an extra bottle of meds (expensive) and didn’t take them back!! Their mistake, I save money!!!

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  3. I’ve got 100 pens for $1.00 if anyone needs them?? paper clips and rolls and rolls of paper…all free from hubbies I don’t buy money suckers unless they are $1.00 pair of socks!! Then that’s what everyone gets for X-mas! 🙂


  4. I suspect that decluttering and thrift could be related to each other. I have 3 novelty bottle openers, one is a blue bunny. I haven’t seen a bottle that needed an opener since the 80s. If one ever turns up, I will be the one with the tool to liberate the contents! I am “letting go” of more and more stuff and sending it to the thrift shop. ❤


  5. I agree that decluttering is related to thrift. When you declutter and find the things you needed, you don’t go out and buy them again. I just gave away several quilt books that I bought two of without realizing because my books were not properly sorted. Two went to friends who have given me their extras and the rest go the Friends of the Library and will be sold to support our library. It rarely has good quilt books and I wish that would change. The more cluttered the space, the more that goes to waste.


  6. We used to have a lot of money suckers around. My junk drawer filled up and I started a new one! But then we switched to only using cash and setting a budget for everything except our house payment and utilities, which I pay online. We each get a set amount of spending money and that’s it, until the next payday. When I only have a few bills in my wallet, I really think about each purchase. Of course I also sometimes go without things like mascara or hairspray because I wanted more frivolous things, like pens or washi tape. My priorities are currently a little messed up!


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