5 Things to do with 5 Bucks

When I was little, 5 bucks to me felt like 100. I was a child millionaire. I could buy any kind of candy that I wanted and still have enough to buy a few cans of ice cold Coca Cola.

These days, 5 dollars isn’t much. But you can still have a mildly good time if you use your imagination.

Here are 5 things to do with 5 dollars.

Go To The Flea Market

I have found some really cheap finds at the flea market for under 5 dollars.


I got this vintage tin sign for $2!!!

I don’t drink pop, especially Dr. Pepper, but my daughter loves the stuff. I have it hanging above my kitchen sink. It’s selling on Ebay for $30 right now.

Treasure hunting is totally doable with little cash!!

Feed The Wildlife

Go to a store that sells baked goods at discount prices or just your regular store will do. Buy a couple loaves of stale bread (or fresh if you’re feeling charitable) and find your nearest lake or pond. There are bound to be a few ducks or gooses around. They love bread!


Pigeons will also appreciate your efforts.

Just be careful, though. I once got chased by a pissed off goose.

Go See A Cheap Matinee

The majority of theaters have a discount movie day. Where I live, it’s on Tuesdays, although I haven’t had the chance to go in a long time. $5 will get you in, but you are on your own with concessions and they are really against bringing in your own food.

I’m a rebel and do it anyways.

Buy Some Really Nice Nail Polish

If you’re into doing your nails yourself, you deserve a decent bottle of nail polish once in awhile. I just got one for a dollar on clearance, Maybelline Color Show Street Art called Nighttime Noise.

Mer’s Thrifty Hint: Always take a gander at clearance items!

I had four dollars left, so I just stuffed that away for next time.

Coloring Is Fun

Most of the dollar stores near me sell various adult coloring books, colored pencils and markers. If you haven’t tried coloring as an adult, I highly recommend it. Anyone can do it regardless of artistic talent, it’s cheap to get started if you shop at the right place and it’s relaxing.


For a few dollars more, you can even get a swear word coloring book. I am gonna ask Santa for one this Christmas.


So you see, there are plenty of things that you can do with 5 measly dollars. Who needs a Caribbean cruise, anyways?

If you have any other ideas, please let us know!!

29 thoughts on “5 Things to do with 5 Bucks

  1. Good ideas every one! I love dollar store shopping! Seems the merchandise changes every so often, so it’s fun to go look and see what they have. Your $5 will get some fun stuff sometimes! Here’s an idea…have a little contest, with everyone taking $5 to the store, or yard sale. Find some cool stuff, then report back here, to show and tell what we found! šŸ™‚ Thanks for all the good tips!

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  2. I have to admit those are great ideas, a swear word colouring book, I can think of several people that would make a great Christmas present for….speaking of Coca cola when I was in Japan you could buy it in the supermarkets 600ml bottle for 70cents….here its about $3-$4 a bottle….


  3. I went to our senior center last month and spent $5 getting a loaf of bread, 2 giant hunks of cake, and a bag of rolls and something else I shouldn’t have eaten. I have to stay away from there because saving money was making me fatter. šŸ˜‰ The stores give their day old stuff to the senior centers. I don’t buy it at the store full price so I save myself the calories. šŸ™‚ There are so many ways to save money, I just can’t think right now. šŸ˜¦

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  4. Don’t want to be a Debbie Downer but I heard feeding ducks bread is not good for them( in the winter) ……Sorry! But feed them bread any other time!! šŸ™‚
    I love Garage Sales….$1.00 a cookie tin, I have many, they sit in my dungeon…..but you can put presents in them and homemade cookies/cakes for gifts!! I also reuse gift bags( never write the persons name on the tag so they can be reused) and any wrapping paper/bows! Thrift on ladies!:)

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  5. 1.You can shout your friend and yourself to a cup of tea or coffee at a cafe and feel all generous and wealthy (as long as they don’t order cake) šŸ˜€
    2. You can get a box of icecream sticks on special at the supermarket and declare “icecream time”
    at home.
    3. You can buy a dinosaur soup dispenser on eBay for 3 dollars and smile every time you ladle.
    (I think that was a Merby’s suggestion at one time)
    4. Really nice socks or tights are a mood upper too. šŸ˜€

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