Bedsheets on a Budget


I haven’t paid full price for bed sheets in at least ten years, because I buy them at the thrift store for less than $2 dollars. I know that to some people it might seem disgusting to lay down on used sheets at night, but think about it like this…

You check into a hotel. Exhausted after a day of traveling, you slip into the bed you paid good money to sleep in, just like the people who booked the room before you.

Those sheets you’re on? They have been washed (hopefully) in hot water and soap. Possibly even bleach, if they are white. Or that fancy bleach they sell that doesn’t ruin colors. I forget what they call it.

Plus, like an old pair of jeans, they have lost the stiffness and scratchiness, now as soft as the fur of a kitten.

You can do the same thing with thrift store bath towels, rugs and blankets. Bring them home, give them a thorough washing and boom. You just saved yourself a buttload of money.

I wouldn’t recommend buying used underwear, though. Or bathing suits. You’re probably safe with a bathrobe.

So the next time you’re in need of bed sheets, think twice about spending $20+ on them and head to your nearest thrift shop.

Then pat yourself on the back and take a well deserved nap.

21 thoughts on “Bedsheets on a Budget

  1. Um, my sheets are 20 years old already. They will probably make it to the end of my time. Have never bought sheets there as I wasn’t sure that by the time they get there, they are worn completely out already. I buy lots of other stuff there though. Never underwear or bathing suits. Though I won’t buy a bathing suit anywhere. 😦

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      • I don’t buy them often, get good quality, have several sets and rotate them washing gently. Started wearing little socks to be to keep my toes from tearing the sheets with my restless legs. wore out a lot of sheets that way and when I bought bargain brands, I just had to buy twice as often. That old saying about pay me now or pay me later kind of applies here. My mother in law would buy her son jeans at k-mart. I bought my son jeans at sears a little long and turned them up. My sons jeans lasted the school year, hers had to be bought twice more. BTW, my son is a month older. I’m very thrifty, but have learned some bargains are not worth the money.


  2. Exactly! Thrift store or even yard sale linens are great! Just wash really good and hot dryer, they’re good to go! I haven’t bought ‘new’ sheets in 40 years I guess. In fact I still have a couple of those. I’ve been gifted some from time to time, but otherwise, I get the used ones. 🙂 good tip!~

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  3. Most of my sheets have come from a “Hotel Closing Down Sale” (My father collected) …or they are seconds on sale real cheap! My father once brought home a big huge box of used little bars of soap from that “Hotel Sale” ….YUCK!! Can’t say I ever used them..or at least blocked it from my memory! :0 !! Love your site girls!!

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